Lisa Lupari has provided voiceover services for the following featured clients.
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U.S. Dept. of Defense
Pizza Hut

Shawn Kilroy, Audio Producer/Engineer           Media & Marketing Group

Lisa Lupari makes my life easy. I send her the jobs and she voices them with stunning clarity, retail enthusiasm, and practical intelligence. I have an enormous workload. To get it all done, I need to hire people who can think on their feet, and hold their own hand. Of the hundreds of scripts I've hired Lisa for in the last 5 years, I can count on 1 hand the number of times I've needed her to record a correction. She takes direction like a pro, but generally I don't have to give her any, because she GETS IT.

Corey Dissin, Vice President/General Manager           Propulsion Media Labs

I trust Lisa Lupari. She is low to no maintenance. She is responsive to our requests.

Darren Exley, Account Coordinator           Propulsion Media Labs

Lisa is Reliable! I know that when I need a solid announcer she’s usually readily available.

Penn Arthur           Inhance Digital Corporation

Inhance has worked with Lisa Lupari for the past couple of years on many projects for Cisco Systems, Amersham Biosciences and Boeing, we are always very happy with her quick turnaround times, quality of work and professionalism.

Mike Remp, Senior Account Coordinator           Propulsion Media Labs

RELIABLE and FAST. It’s an added bonus that she has a great voice and the clients love her read, but it’s amazing to work with a  talent that is super responsive and able to turn things around on short notice.

Claudia Profili , Producer           The Miami Herald

Lisa's smart, quick, directable and dependable. She's our "go to" female voice talent because she gets it, and nails it, every time. Not to mention she's just fun to work with.

Rob Sidney, Director/Programming & Operations           101.5 LITE FM Miami

Lisa is warm, natural and very coachable.  She can run the spectrum from 'low-key and sultry' to 'tongue-in-cheek' to 'in-yer-face smart-ass'.  For years, Lisa Lupari has been 'the' voice for our female-targeted Lite AC.

Kurt Kolb, Owner/Operator           Speakeasy Productions

Four words come to mind when describing Lisa Lupari. Professional, Courteous, Directable, and Dependable.

Steve Sarner, President/Owner           Spotmasters Broadcast Services

Lisa is the most versatile talent we work with! She can handle whatever we throw at her. She is our number one choice when someone requests a female talent. Nobody does it better!